CAP – Corinth Art Platform


CAP is an art platform in the city of Corinth, Greece, that examines the notion of art and how its protagonists function in contemporary reality. Activities, interventions, projects, debates and a residency program contribute to a lively and ongoing experiment. An important element of this experiment is to question the role played by the artist: CAP seeks to explore the qualities of the artist as a social actor without taking the notions of ‘art’ and ‘artist’ for granted.

A vital aspect of CAP is that it is organised by local citizens, without the help of funding by political parties or state authorities. We want to show that when people get together and organize themselves they can achieve great things. At the same time we do not fear to put the necessity and importance of the platform itself into question. It will be up to the people, the participants and contributors to decide: Do we need really Corinth Art Platform?

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