Visiting Exhibitions: Connection found?

  1. Miltos Manetas – @manetasapocalypse

A friend came over for a visit on the 24th of December 2020 in my apartment in Berlin. I talked to her about Miltos Manetas and his virtual Cave where he writes his Apocalypse. She started following his instagram page.

My friend’s name, Salome! What else could it be!

And here it is,

Kalliopi and Salome in the Cave, documented by Salome Hongwei Yuan @frauyuan

Salome texted me in the evening of the same day:

S: Dear, I really liked our afternoon! Especially the part you were performing and I was graphing 🙂 I’m looking forward to seeing the outcome.

K: Thank you very much for this! Kalliopi and Salome are a good team.

S: I’m feeling excited about our project. I have an idea, it is THE time to make something together,…, whatever, don’t you think so? It is an opportunity!

And this is it, connection found!