The Gift

The sound of a telephone conversation in Greek between me and my mother. I explain that I want to make a video of myself in The Netherlands as a present for her in Greece. Modeled after her description of an ideal image of me I made a video in which I am presented on a kind of pedestal.
The subtitles of the conversation are projected on the opposite wall.

The Gift

The gift-installation view

[play the two following videos simultaneously]




Mother – Yes?
Me – Hey, can you hear me?
Mother – Are you ok?
Me – Good, and you?
Mother – So, how are you really? I was calling you yesterday but I didn’t find you. How are you? Are you ok?
Me – I am fine.
Mother – Is your throat better?
Me – It’s better. How is the weather?
Mother – As always a dream. We went to Epidaurus. It was very nice.What other news?
Me – Well, I want to make a video and I want you to tell me what clothes to wear. I want you to suggest me something that you would like.
Mother – Are you making it for us?
Me – Yes.
Mother – And what are we going to do with it later?
Me – You will watch it on DVD. But I don’t know what clothes to wear.
Mother – How should I know Kali? What should you wear? Do you have,…don’t have, do you have a long dress?
Me – I have a long dress.
Mother – Is it nice?
Me – It is nice. I don’t know.
Mother – Because you don’t have a good taste in clothes.
Me – How long? Till the ankle?
Mother – Eh, yes! It should be long. I think.
Me – Yes.
Mother – What about your hair?
Me – How should I make my hair? Straight or curly?
Mother – Straight, eh? Straight! Straight, to fall. Do something nice that the hair will look good.
Me – Yes.
Mother – Wear a dress with vivid colors. Green looks nice on you, pea-green too. Doesn’t it Kali?
Me – Yes.
Mother – Pea-green is nice, red is nice too.
Me – Yes.
Mother – Yellow is nice too.
Me – Yes.
Mother – With black.
Me – I will put some make up on too.
Mother – Yes of course, to be beautiful.
Me – To be beautiful.
Mother – Eh, of course.
Me – Ok.
Mother – Make it beautiful!
Me – Yes, how should I look? Serious?
Mother – No, be normal, be natural.
Me – Yes. Ok.
Mother – Ok?
Me – Ok.
Mother – What did you eat? What do you eat?
Me – Eh? What did I eat? What did I eat today? Fish.
Mother – Fish? Because I worry for your health, just because I care.
Me – What are you worrying about mother?
Mother – Eh…, being alone, I don’t know. It is better to have some company Kali.
Me – Well, ok mother.
Mother – Yes, well.
Me – So, I leave you now and we’ll speak again.
Mother – Ok, my girl.
Me – Ok?
Mother – Ok, take care Kali. Everything will come out of you if you will look after your self, the cough and everything.
Me – Ok, yes.
Mother – Bye, my girl, bye.
Me – Bye.

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