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End of November 2012 I was asked by the parents’ association of the 5th Elementary School of Corinth to draw something on the school’s walls for their students. Due to my previous collaboration with the Alphons Laudy VSO School in Amsterdam (for the project My Dream House, 2010), I asked some of their students to send us drawings related to the theme My Dream School. Twenty-one students replied with the help of their art teacher Mariette van der Tas. I made two collages using parts of their works and I tried to portray them as accurately as possible on two walls.

All students enjoyed the project. The ones who made the drawings were proud to see their creations realized in a small school somewhere in a Greek city and the students in Corinth are happy to have a more colorful environment.

This project is another proof of how artistic expression can unite different groups, from different countries and backgrounds. It shows the beauty of a selfless offer of young individuals through art.

Many thanks to Mariette van der Tas and Stayroula Katsarou.

The 5th Elementary School of Corinth:

5th Elementary School of CorinthThe 5th Elementary School of Corinth. The 5th Elementary School of Corinth.The 5th Elementary School of Corinth.

The collages:

Collage 1collage 2

The drawings of the students of the Alphons Laudy VSO School of Amsterdam on the walls of the 5th Elementary School of Corinth: of the collage 2
Some of the students participating:
student 1student 2student 3